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ocean city, maryland. >> reporter: what a great night. we did see some heavy wind and rain. not a lot of rain. ocean city only picking up about a tends of an inch of rain. right now añr completely differt story than what we saw earlier. as a matter of fact, take a look down the beach. everybody now actually watching the surfers that have been allowed to go in the water. they shut down the beachesxd th afternoon. nobody was allowed in the water but as of 5:30, they did allow the surfers to go back in the water so a lot of people out here enjoying watching the huge waves and the surfers riding them. these waves, court sif hurricane earl a little offshore. let's take a look and show you where that storm is. first off we see the radar picture. that shows the rain moving away from the coastline. no more rain for anybody tonight. and really, no rain for the entire rest of the weekend.
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we are in for quite a weekend. it makes its way toward new england, up there toward boston, as a matter of fact. they're watching out for that next. can'tly, winds of 80 miles an hour and it will make its way to the north and east. what can we expect? temperature will be falling and we're looking at a nice night and a great morning. 75 degrees by 9:00. 76 by 11:00. tomorrow morning 69 around 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., looking at plenty of sunshine and a temperature around 70 degrees. you are going to notice a big difference in the weather during the day tomorrow. it will be cooler. highs only in the upper 70s. it will be rather breezy. and behind this system. again, big change. i tell you what, right now it is a beautiful night down here in ocean city, maryland. >> all right, thank you, doug. in virginia, hurricane earl brought rain and winds as it
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passed along the coastline this morning. down in virginia beach, there was some rough seas, some light rain. overall it fathers commonwealth dodged any major damage with what was by then a category 2 storm. by mid morning, officials say there were reports of a small number of power outages and some minor flooding. early this morning, earl's winds and rain hit the outer banks in north carolina. a number of major roadways were flooded. about 5,000 people lost power there. schools were closed in six counties. about 400 people went to shelters during the peak of the storm. the officials say nobody was injured. at least no injuries were reported. and while the damage was less than expected, there will be some clean-up after the water recedes. >> more than half a dozen major airlines say they will wave change fees for customers flying into the pafth hurricane earl. that includes continental, delta, jet blue, southwest, united, u.s. airways and air
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tran. they have a policy for waving fees for hurricane-related fees. most will be able to rebook or earn credits for future travel. you should check with your specific airline if you have questions. amtrak has canceled all trains between new york and boston. it says there is electrical system damage from a tree faug outside a company property in connecticut. amtrak is also canceling as a precaution for the severe weather expected this evening from hurricane earl. while passenger were who have were on the trains earlier were taken back to their respective stations, right now there are no issues with amtrak trains in washington. and people in new england have been preparing for a rough time with hurricane earl. our live team coverage continues with eric fisher in chatham, massachusetts. hello, eric. >> hello there. good evening. we've seen some changes here over the last couple days. beautiful sunshine. about 24 hours ago. now it is cloudy. the surf starting to build up. this is a little deceiving
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because we're in a protected bay right now. the waves have started to get more choppy. i can their crashing out to sea a little further. we've had some reports of minor flooding beginning in nantucket. that will get worse as the night goes. on thing to know, we're expecting a big area of tropical storm force winds. and some gusts of hurricane strength, especially near nantucket. we're on the outer cape here and perhaps we'll see the strong gusts. if people are staying here, there are some regional shelters set up. you can look up red we do know there are people who are spending the night there. in the town center, we were talking to some of the folks who said they were out of batteries and flashlights at the hardware store. most of the tourists coming for labor day weekend, the tourist office said 50,000 people are still coming but most have hunkered down for the night. the biggest threat will be for power ñroutages. we are expecting quite a few of those with the strong gusty
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winds. it is different than a winter nor'easter in that there are leaves on the trees. you have a higher wind profile and that can take the limbs down. the worst of it now, 5:00 tomorrow morning birk midday, the storm should be moving out. it will be clearing out the second half of the weekend. >> eric fisher in chatham, massachusetts. we invite to you stay tuned to news4 for continuing coverage of hurricane earl. we'll head back out to the beach with doug kammerer a little later. >> reporter: the police say it was a drug stash that turned up missing that was the reason two women and two children were murdered in a house in riverdale, maryland. it happened in august 6th. that's when they found the victims inside a trash-filled garage apartment. two people were arrested and charged in those murders. gilmore and bellard are from
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texas. in court today, a detective testified that gilmore told police, they went to maryland to sell marijuana. the suspect told ann investigators that the drug stash was stolen. and that is what prompted the killings. the police chief in prince william county wants a federal policy changed in the wake of a drunk driving crash that killed a catholic nun. the police charged carlos with driving under the influence. he is an undocumented immigrant who had two previous dui charges against him. montano was in the middle of deportation proceedings, but police say the suspect was still able to get an employment authorization card from homeland security. and he later used that card to get an i.d. from virginia's department of motor vehicles. chief charlie dean is asking homeland security to close that loophole. the downtown silver spring area is still reeling from
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wednesday's stand-off inside the discovery communications building when a man held three people hostage all afternoon. now we're hearing the harrowing 911 calls from the whole ordeal. tracee wilkins has the story. >> reporter: there were calls from inside the discovery building from security officers and employees. some who actually came face to face with the gunman. then there were also calls from people outside the discovery building who could see what was happening through the lobby's glassçó windows and watched in amazement. >> montgomery county. 911. what is the emergency? >> the first call came from security inside the discovery building. >> the gunshots in the main lobby. >> the man who told 911 he was an operations manager for discovery, went on to tell the operator he was in the lobby with the suspected gunman. >> i'm right behind the main lobby. >> behind the main lobby in a secure space? >> yes. >> okay. hold on just a minute.
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okay? >> yep. >> do you see anybody? >> no. i'm afraid to stick my head out. >> reporter: then call came from outsideñi discovery. >> montgomery county, ñi911. what is the emergency? >> there is a man with a gun at one discovery place inside the lobby of discovery communications. >> one discovery place? >> yes. and he has a gun. he is going through front desk. he has people on the floor. eñbuilding. discovery. there is someone in the building with guns. i can see people on the floor in the building. >> there are peopleçó on the flr in the building? >> yes. i can see it. >> reporter: then a call from an employee. >> when i walked by him, he said nobody move. he shot in the air and i ran. we have a cafeteria. i'll hiding in the kitchen with some of the employees of the cafe. >> reporter: another security guard contacted 911. while on the phone noticed the that i can you the of the suspected gunman james lee that was posted inside the security office.çó
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>> james lee. asian male, weight unknown, possibly short black hair, clean shaven, 40 years old. the suspect -- >> hold on. you have the guy, you said on the camera? he is holding an ied and he has one person on the ground in front of him? >> reporter: then an undercover officer approach the building. presumably one of the first officers on the scene. >> someone was running up with a rifle in their arms. he is in short t-shirt. >> [ inaudible ]. >> he has a yellow florescent thing. >> you're good to go. you're good to go with that. okay? >> is that a police officer? >> yes. >> reporter: shortly after that last call, hundreds of police officers s.w.a.t. and snipers have conversed on to the discovery building. now that call from the security guard who was behind the lobby demonstrated the courage of the guard them locked the doors of the building so that the gunman couldn't get into the garage and
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locked down the elevators as well. they were the ones to tell employees to leave and also escort them out. amazing work encouraged by everyone. >> thank you, tracee. coming up tonight, more deadly wildfires in russia. plus close to a thousand people line up in washington to get some help paying their pepco bill. researchers might be on the verge of finding a drug that could stop one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer growing. coming up, concerns about home cooking. major league baseball doles out its punishment to nyjer morgan for that brawl. the redskins' albert haynesworth played more than anyone else and there was a lot more acin the stands of the u.s. open than there was on the court. look out below.
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a taliban group has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed at least 41 people in southwest pakistan. a paccy tv station broadcast video of the attack. it was filmed by a security camera. a taliban commander told the associated press the u.s., the government of pakistan and the
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shia are all targets. the man responsible for the overnight evacuation of miami international airport has been released now. james butler is a 70-year-old american scientists. he was detained after airport screeners spotted a suspicious looking metal canister in his luggage. he had just flown in from the middle east. a database showed in 2003, he had been charged with illegally transporting the bubonic plague. he was acquitted of the charges. the canister he had with him was a legitimate science experiment. a teenager has confessed to pointing a laser light into an airplane cockpit as it was landing at dulles airport on wednesday. the sheriff identified the 15-year-old as the possible culprit because he was one of several teenagers accused of pointing añi laser at passing cs last week. charges in that incident still are pending. a lawmaker in maryland indicted on charges of bribery,
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conspiracy and extortion will step down as the budget chairman in the state senate. he will step aside until the legal issues are resolved. he is accused of illegally using his influence to help shopper, food, and pharmacies for the business dealings in the county. he took $245,000 from the grocery chain between 2002 and 2008. his lawyer denies any wrongdoing on his clients' behalf. a sign of the time. people are finding it harder to pay their utility bills in the economy. today the district offered some help for those struggling to keep their power on. it was the annual joint utility discount today. the crowd was as big as ever. >> reporter: some were camped out before dawn. when the lines were open, the line snaked around the block.
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d.c.'s annual joint utility discount day. these are people who need help with their utility bills. >> with the economic downturn we've had, there have been a number of people who just didn't need it before but who needed it all of a sudden. so i think that we're lucky to have the services. >> please make sure your number is in that range. >> reporter: applicants could get a one-time discount on the election, phone, water rates. this year some new applicants and returnees from last year. for some, this help only goes part of the way. it only pays one utility. >> more than one. every year they pay one bill. they do your payment work and then they let you know. one bill will be paid. and it won't be paid until march. so i was trying to keep the program going. but my income changed. >> reporter: there were also discounts available for home weatherization and the money found, including $15 million
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from health and human services. >> to some degree, the size of the crowd speaks to the need. they're glad this program is around. at the d.c. convention center, news4. go. 6,000 people showed up for last year's joint utilities discount day. organizers believe they reached it this year. organizers say they may extend the hours to handle the large crowd of people who need help. coming up, this weekend, metro will shut down the largest number of rail stations in its history. plus new hope the miners trapped underground in chile may be rescued sooner than first thought. and doug kammerer still in oc
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the death toll from a new round of wildfires in russia is rising. the fires are burning about 600 mile away from moscow. eight people have been killed. 17 others have been injured. about 500 home have been damaged so far. back in early august, hundreds of wildfires killed 54 people and destroyed thousands of homes. heavy rains caused those fires to go out. this summer though, russia is experiencing its worst drought
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in its history. an important piece of evidence into the gulf of mexico oil spill is being raised to the surface. the damaged blowout preventer was removed earlier this afternoon. it should give investigators some clues about the explosion and the oil leak that followed. that device weighs about 300 tons. crews are hoping to have it raised to the surface by tomorrow morning. a new blowout preventer will be moved into position and should be install in the next few days. freedom may come sooner than first thought for the miners in chile who are still trapped more than 2,200 feet underground. the 33 miners have been trapped sins the collapse on august 5. all were found alive 17 days after the disaster. when rescuers made contact with them. crews drilled the hole big enough to provide food, water and immediate send but drilling a rescue shaft is more difficult because of the fear of another collapse. now a new drill is on its way to the site.
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that could help rescuers reach them two months sooner than the time it will take to reach them. that could reduce the time. that is half as long as officials say it will take with the drill they're using right now. let's go back out to ocean city. chief meteorologist doug kammerer has been out there all day. how is it looking now? are you still watching the surfers? >> the surfers are amazing. that's really the story down here. a lot of people out on the beach watching these guys surf. some monstrous, monstrous waves out here. beach patrol is going up and down. they are still making sure people are safe and most everybody is still remaining out of water. it is bringing a lot of flies toward the beaches. first off, i talked to a couple earlier. we did have a lot of wind earlier. we had some rain earlier and that was creating a problem down here. some of the roads were flooded in ocean city.
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the winds have died off. the rain is now out of here. i spoke with one couple who said they were happy that earl did not put up much more of a fight. >> i thought it was going to be worse than this. so i'm very thankful that it is not. >> it is beautiful. look how beautiful the ocean is. what mother nature can do. >> really beautiful out here across the rest of the area. especially around the d.c. area. we saw a lot of sunshine later on this afternoon after the high clouds moved out. high temperatures today still got to 91 degrees. it was our 60th day of 90-degree heat. and i don't think we're done quite yet. let's look at the radar. one thing that is done, earl. at least in our area, it continue to move off into the open waters of the atlantic. you can see the rain toward the boston area. they are next in earl's past and then on to canada. as far as what we've seen from the storm, a lot of winds down toward the south. and parts of north carolina on one of our weather underground
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sites. we did see a wind gust of up to 58 miles an hour and some unofficial reports of wind gusts close to hurricane force. that's really about it. the rain, 4.46 inches. our rain here, not much at all of only about a 10th of an inch of rain as the system moves out. we did see a peak wind gust of 36 miles per hour. that's officially at the airport. now with the beach forecast, if you're thinking about coming out and doing a little beach and boating, looking good. 79 degrees. winds out of the west northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour. it will be a little breezy. some rough surf and some rip currents. watch out themselves may still not allow people in the water tomorrow. then for sunday, mostly sunny. 76 degrees. winds out of the west at about five to 15 miles per hour. so back out here again, a lot of people enjoying a great night tonight. it they'll enjoy a great sunset. and then what look to be a
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great, great labor day weekend. i know a lot of people had plans to come down here. we told you over the last couple days, do not cancel your plans. it is so sad to see the end of summer but weather watcher michael said you know what? that means it is time for football. nfl or college. whatever you like. it is 90 degrees right now. we did get to 91 degrees earlier today. weir in second place for the most 90 degrees days in a year. today, number 60. it is 90 at this hour with the heat index. with the moisture in the airing it feel like 92. we have wind out of the south. we'll see the the clouds we've got moving out. there will be a few more moving
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in from the cold front that should be sweeping through the area around midnight. i've got it clear on the other side. wanted to show you our local radar. let go to that and how dry it is all through the area. you have to get all the way back into western maryland where we've got just a few showers there around cumberland. look at the wave heights. south of long island. those are up to 20 feet. the wind increasing, too. the degree temperature drop in the 60s and 70s. the front will come on through the area and we will be cooling off. 65 to 69 tomorrow morning. then tomorrow's high temperature, 80 degrees. a little bit of a wind. it will feel like a day in late september. certainly the temperature will be there by the time we get to sunday morning and monday
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morning on labor day. we look at the extended forecast. >> that's great. coming up, the list of america's worst drivers is out. find out if drives in our city made that list. a group of pawn shop owners fighting new rules and fees they say could drive them out of business. an incredible love story that came to an end because of the case of murder. i'm pat collins. i'll have the story coming up.
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a widow reaches out for help on the one-year anniversary of her husband's murder. mary davis said she knew who she would marry when she was 11 years old. >> she said her incredible love story came to an end exactly a year ago today. that's when somebody shot and kill her husband in forestville, maryland. pat collins has the report.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: when fred davis was just 13, and mary her better was 11, he told her he wanted to marry her. >> he told me that he wanted to marry me. and he wanted to grow old with me. >> reporter: seven years later they eloped and took wedding vows in front of a judge in upper marlboro. >> it was romantic. that secret of eloping was exciting to him. >> reporter: she was a nurse. he was a rodeo rider. a champion rodeo rider. an accomplished golfer. this is one of his trophies. and an avid hunter. this is his bear. but with all of this going on, fred always found time for mary. >> we were a very special couple, i would say. he wrote me little poems, we always did little, planned little vacations, got away.
6:32 pm
fridays was our day. everybody knew it. all the friends knew it was friday. >> reporter: to put bread on the table davis worked as a contractor. fixing this, remodeling that. that was what he was doing one area ago at this building on forestville road. working on a bathroom when a man come in an open door, goes upstairs, fires a gun, and kills fred davis. the best evidence in the case, shadowy. no words were spoken. nothing was taken. no motive established. but they don't want you to forget what happened here to fred davis. >> somebody had to have seen him. somebody know about this. and i need them to call me. >> we were robbed. he and i were rob. he should be able to be alive doing what he was supposed to be
6:33 pm
doing. we should be able to live our lives doing what we had planned. >> reporter: back at the scene one year later, a plea for help to find the killer. they say fred davis had many friends. no enemies. they can't understand why anyone would do such a thing. fred davis. dead. at age 53. i'm pat collins, news4, prince george's county. d.c. police are searching for a man who was caught on tape stealing copper from a local church. it happened last week at st. paul's parish church. the security cameras caught the suspect stealing a downspout. he is described as a man between 20 and 30 years old. he weighs between 170 and 180 pounds. he has a mustache and a goatee. if you know him or anything about this crime, police would like to hear from you.
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local pawn shop owners are rallying against a new bill in prince george's county. several dozen pawn shop employees line main street in upper marlboro this afternoon. would it make the license nontransferable. if. mean if they wanted to sell the store, they couldn't. it threatens the owners with steep fines for errors in record keeping. the bill is up for a vote next week. the two leading candidates for chairman of the d.c. council clashed today. over the front-runners, financial problems. the front-runner is councilman kwame brown. orange said brown's trouble could undermine the city's credibility. brown said he has taken steps to clear up his financials. >> reporter: he has a substantial lead over the former council member vin send orange in a poll. >> we will now be having a conversation. >> reporter: during a join appearance friday on wamu radio, they clashed over nbc 4 reports
6:35 pm
earlier this summer that kwame brown has been sued by three credit card company for $50,000 in personal debts. now brown is being questioned by the finance office over debts and expenditures in his political activities. >> it is old news. we've addressed this information a number of time. was it sloppy work on my filing? you take responsibility for that. the credit cards, i take responsibility for that. in terms of what i've done professionally, i've always had the utmost character. >> reporter: orange said brown's financial issues do undermine the city's credibility with citizens on wall street during difficult economic time. >> it is not just personal finances. personal finance and now campaign finance. is this the person you want to send to wall street to represent us? this guy, what is his credit score? he didn't take responsibility. >> reporter: what does it mean? >> it means that kwame brown is not responsible. he lacks judgment. he should have cleaned this up before he came forward.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: on other city issues, both candidates glae could be more tough budget cutting ahead. both said they could keep education reform going whether michelle rhee remains chancellor or not. news4, washington. >> early voting for the chairman is already underway. primary day is september 14th. >> metro will close five rail line stations. part of one of the largest in its history. the glen mon, silver spring, at acomb a stations will close at 10:00 tonight. the red line stations will reopen tuesday morning. more than 500 metro police will work on the eight-mile stretch of track. there will be free shuttle service between the stations. d.c. drivers are still said to be the worst in the country. that's the result of the new report from allstate insurance. the company compares the null of accidents in america's 200 largest cities. washington came up last. this is three years in a row
6:37 pm
now. district drivers have a 95.5% higher rick of getting in an accident than others in the u.s. baltimore was listed as the second worst city in the study with a nearly 80% higher risk. the city with the best drivers, according to this survey, ft. collins, colorado. cleaning up in the kitchen. we'll tell you what you might want to be aware of. science think they may be making a medical breakthrough. and a ♪
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we have be one but two weather systems today. no rain from earl and no rain falling from the cold front. we have skies that have cleared out. we might get a few clouds out here in the next few hours from this weather front. the cold front will be sweeping through around midnight. most of the areas from 26 to 50% below normal rainfall. our departure down more than five inch. we're in the 80s. we'll be seeing the temperature cool off. and the beaches this weekend, just 79 degrees on saturday. 76 on sunday. it will be plenty of wind around
6:41 pm
with the water temperature of 74 degrees. i wanted to get you updated. we've got fiona. it won't do very much but gaston could make its way. 80 degrees, the high temperature for tomorrow. we'll have lots of sunshine around. i think it will be a breezy day. then on sunday, 79 the high. delightful. labor day couldn't be better, 84 degrees. then 90 for tuesday. just cal for the labor day weekend. >> sounds pretty good. nx doctors are one step closer to discovering how and where the triple negative form of the disease develops. that form tends to affect younger women and is often very aggressive and very difficult to treat. scientists hope this discovery could lead to new drugs that will stop triple negative breast cancer tumors from developing. a new study with some concerns about the safety of
6:42 pm
your home cooked meals. the study was published by the centers for disease control. it finds one in seven home kitchens, about 14% work fail miserably if scrutinized by restaurant inspectors. only about 60% would earn an a or b rating. it is one of the first to offer a sizable assessment of food safety in home. it was gathered through an internet quiz taken by about 13,000 adults. a 50-year-old woman in belgium has given birth to triplets. she now has 15 children from two different marriages. her last three pregnancies have come about through artificial insemination. she received the treatments in barcelona because they are banned in belgium. she said she went through the procedure because her new husband wanted a boy to carry on the family name. instead of one boy, they have three. dan hellie is up with the
6:43 pm
sports report. ben roethlisberger got his final punishment from the nfl. speaking of punishment, major league baseball tells nyjer morgan he'll sit for a nyjer morgan he'll sit for a yeah, but... what.. happened to the back there? well, here's the thing: this was the only "sporty two-seater" they had on my budget. uh-huh. and the seats go all the way back. (announcer) settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. for the money you'd spend on a stripped down new car, you could get a fully loaded, guaranteed-quality used car at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪
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how long did you stay up last night? which quarter did you miss? we saw it all. she didn't. >> we were up the whole time. and enjoyed it. we talk about it before. these young guys were really playing for their careers. it was fun to watch in the powered the quarter. >> we're talking about the young guys. albert haynesworth is always in the headlines. they wrapped up with a loss in arizona last night. rested all of the starters and their top back-ups except for albert haynesworth. the highest paid defensive player, played 49 of 55 defensive snaps. the most he has ever played in washington. and possibly in his nfl career. haynesworth may be the headliner but you he was not the only story line. look is who have is on him for the coin toss. that's joe bugle. the head coach at one point in arizona. the cardinals kicking off after a field gold.
6:47 pm
takes it right at the goal line. a change of pace, taking in the fifth year on the sidelines. turns nothing into something and pucks up 40 yards on the return. that was a nights play. a few plays later, willy parker with his best run of the preseason. first down, pick up 13 yards. seven carries for 35 yards. that sets up this. a 50-yard field goal attempt by graham. right down the pike. >> could have been good from 60. tied the game at 3-3. you know with brandon bank, he has to take good with the bad. he is back to return this punt. going back, going back. he drops it. luckily for him, he recovered it. but banks is clearly on the bubble. he did have five catches for 65 yards. the first touchdown just before halftime. alfonso smith from three yards out skords for the cardinals. puts them up 10-3. check out the celebration.
6:48 pm
that is the john wall, of course. and we know that because we've seen it so many time. he went to kentucky so he is allow to do that. this is a good play here. richard bartel, they slip the tackle. a 21-yard touchdown for the rookie from ucla. he had five catches for 95 yards. and surprise, or no surprise here, depending on how you look it a. albert haynesworth still in the game. scott haynesworth played 49 of 55 defensive snaps. the redskins lose 20-10. afterwards, a lot of the questions to mike shanahan about that guy. number 92. why he played so much. >> you have to give him some playing time so he can get back in football shape. and i have to look at the film to tell you exactly how he played but that's one of the reason he played defense and nose tackle position. we have to get him as good as he can possibly be. and football shape, only one way to do it. practice and play. >> i think he knew him. the coaches said he knew.
6:49 pm
>> 49 of 55 plays, something like that. when he played that much, responded well. >> i tell you, after i take a look at the film and see how he played. >> he knew. i think he knew. the coaches said he knew. after a comment after the game, albert haynesworth said, no comment. >> mike shanahan's team. albert and everybody else understands that by now, don't they? >> yeah. this is a funny story. i asked shanahan a few days ago about albert haynesworth and if he thought, if he played we will could be one of the best player in the nfl. he said when i got herering with watched the game film from last year. we watched it together. if you play like this, you won't be playing like. this inhow did he take it? he said you will have to ask him. >> he is running the show. 22 players will be trim from the roster by the time the redskins take field from practice tomorrow afternoon. traditionally, mike shanahan
6:50 pm
only keeps two quarterbacks but since mcnabb has a history of being kind of brittle, shanahan could carry three. that third spot will likely to go john beck who is battling rich bartel for the job. he split time last night. from a number standpoint, bartel was much better. his quarterback rating, 127. beck, you can see here, had a quarterback string. both shanahans, that's kyle and mike, loved his potential. while bartel that h that, the only interception of the game. a throw he definitely wanted back afterwards. >> it was tough because you don't want to throw an interception. you're at least going to walk away with a field goal. you want to get the touchdown. i'm frustrated because that's a play of the quarterback and receiver being on the same page. i need to make sure being on the ball, i'm on that same page with him. i'm exited to be with coach shanahan. to be in the offense with kyle shanahan. there are a lot of thing i
6:51 pm
really like here. so for me, it was a great opportunity to say i can step in and learn. i tell my wife, it feel like i'm studying for the finals. i'm staying up in night, studying, getting up in the morning, studying. a lot of headaches. >> that's john beck fighting for a roster spot. the verdict is down for national center fielder nyjer morgan. he has been suspend for eight games for a series of recent incidents, including his role in a bench clearing brawl against the marlins. this on top of another seven-game suspension. major league baseball gave morgan for throwing a baseball at a fan in the stands. that's 15 games of possible us is that he knows for morgan. he has appealed both of them and is in the lineup tonight. morgan was thrown after the second time on wednesday night. we've seen this a couple times. a big old swing at the pitcher. he gets closed by gabby sanchez. all kinds of suspensions were
6:52 pm
handed out in addition to the eight game, the pitcher gets six game. the man who runs it right here gets three game for the close line. you can see, he gets three game. the manager jill riggleman gets two game. and edwin rodriguez gets a one-game suspension. speaking of brawls, you don't expect to find it at the u.s. open but that's where it has happen. this has gone viral on the internet thanks to youtube. not the place you normally find brawls at the u.s. open. this was djokovic. looking up in the stands wondering what on earth is going on. it seems as though this guy got into a verbal spat with this young lady because of the language he was using. he then had to take it up with her friends and they both take a tumble. what we don't have here in the video is that the lady, after her friend is knocked down, go after the guy again.
6:53 pm
they are all taken from the stands in handcuffs. you have to give it to him going up for his lady when he was talking trash. >> you don't see that very often. >> you have to be careful when you talk smack. watch out for old men. >> i tell everybody that. they don't get old by know. coming up, the good news and the bad news about the no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work.
6:54 pm
i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
the new jobs employment number are out and it shows it crept up by .1%. it is not enough to offset other losses. republicans claim the report shows president obama's recovery plan is not working. brian moore reports. >> reporter: going into this labor day holiday, private employers added 67,000 new jobs in august. making a double dip recession seem less likely. the bad news, unemployment went up anyway to 9.6% showing once again, the economy isn't going anywhere fast. >> jobs, are being created. just not as fast as they need. to. >> reporter: though private employers added jobs, more than 100,000 temporary census workers were let off. the net loss, 54,000 jobs.
6:57 pm
you're notally as the economic picture improves, more of the long term unemployed are searching for work again. that's pushing the unemployment rate up even more. with a critical election two months away, republicans offer the president's economic plan is failing. >> we should be growing not at 1.6% but coming out of a recession, we should be at 5% or 6%. >> reporter: this week the president is expected to unveil new proposals to help spur job growth. not far from the white house, a local activist is going above the president's head. praying for jobs outside an employment center. >> people are losing confidence and faith. >> it can't get any worse. it might as well pray. >> reporter: he is looking for help wherever he can find it. president obama wants help from congressional democrats. with the jobs on the line in november, some are only willing to go so far.
6:58 pm
nbc news, washington. >> one more check on the weather. a beautiful day out here. i'll tell what you. a great day just about everywhere. the exception was down here a little earlier where we did see the wind. we saw the rain as well but it is all gone and we're really looking at a beautiful evening. what i think will be a pretty nice holiday weekend. let's show you what's happening. the sun is making its way down across the area after a hey temperature today of 91 in d.c. we have seen a pretty nice day. there is the storm, hurricane earl. we did see some shower activity as late as 4:00. that has moved on. what can you expect over the next couple days? as earl continues to move away, we'll see cooler air behind it. 80 degrees tomorrow. 79 on sunday. 84 on monday. and then tuesday coming in at 90 degrees. a great holiday weekend. and i'll tell what you, temperatures sunday night and monday morning will be on the cool side. back into the 50s. a little taste of fall out there
6:59 pm
as well. an end to a beautiful day. i think a s.t.a.r.t. beautiful start to a holiday week. >> the farmers down in ecuador growing roses so sweet you can eat them. >> true. roses you can eat. there is a world wide demand for edible flowers. who knew? upscale restaurants from new york to beijing are putting them on the menu. hoping to attract customers. some nightclubs are introducing the roses in drinks such as martinis and mohitos. you need to know not all flowers are edible. did you know that? it is therefore best to ask your chef before you take a bite. or you go to your friend, and say -- >> you want this? >> have a bite. >> maybe if they dip them in scotch. >> that sounds like a plan. >> we hope to see you at 11:00. have a good evening.
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